CBD e-liquids

CBD e-liquids

CBD e-liquidsIf you're looking for CBD e-liquids, you can buy them here from NEXT VAPOUR (our partner company). Available in 10ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles, and 3 CBD strengths. They contain Full Spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol Hemp Extracts). They stock Vapour Freaks and award-winning PENG CBD e-liquids.

CBD e-liquids contain CBD (Cannabidiol) which is extracted from industrial hemp - not from marijuana plants. Legal in the UK, CBD e-liquids provide the relaxation benefits of cannabis but without the psychoactive high or bad side effects.

PLEASE NOTE: CBD e-liquids DO NOT contain THC nor Cannabinol; which are the psychoactive constituents of cannabis that get you high and are illegal substances in the UK.

Read the 2014 letter from the UK home office stating that CBD (cannabidiol) is NOT a controlled substance in the UK.

Read the Wikipedia page about Cannabidiol.

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