Cannabis Flavours

Cannabis Flavours

white-gold-eliquidsThese are "fruit" and "cannabis replica flavour" e-liquids, they DO NOT contain any cannabis, THC nor Cannabinol and produce no psychoactive effect.


Three White Gold bottles for £10  - SAVE £1.97. Add at least three 10ml bottles of White Gold Formula e-liquids to your shopping cart and then use the coupon code WG10 on the checkout page. You can mix up the flavours and you can also add other items to your cart. This coupon code does NOT work with any other e-liquids.


CBD e-liquidsIf you're looking for CBD e-liquids, you can buy them here from NEXT VAPOUR (our partner company). Available in 10ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles, and 3 CBD strengths. They contain Full Spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol Hemp Extracts). They stock Dank CBD e-liquids and award winning PENG CBD e-liquids.