Amnesia - White Gold Formula e-liquid 60% VG - 10ml

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Amnesia - White Gold Formula e-liquid. 10ml of e-liquid in 4 nicotine strengths. Premium UK-made e-liquid. TPD compliant.

Flavours: black jack liquorish sweets.

Ingredients: 60% vegetable glycerol, 40% propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavourings and a percentage of nicotine unless marked as zero. Does not contain cannabis and produces no psychoactive effect.

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3 Reviews

  • 3
    amnesia vape juice***

    I was taken back by the smell of the juice in the bottle. I read it was overwhelming and should be mixed with another flavour. I was a little unsure of the taste at first, but after vaping it for a day I grew to enjoy the taste. It wasn't as bad as some people stated. I did mix it with the silver haze juice, which made it an interesting vape experience. I would buy this again, but I think I would try other flavours before hand. It's by no means a right off or a let down. S. Bills

  • 3
    Anise or Licorice

    I got blue cheese, white widow and this flavor and gotta say this is the one ive still pretty much got a full bottle of. Not over keen.

  • 4
    Strong taste of Anise

    Kinda tastes like smoking absinthe, if thats a flavour you would like then go ahead i like it but it often gets overwhelming on its own.

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