3 Pack - SMOK V8-T10 0.12ohm decuple coil atomisers

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3 Pack - SMOK V8-T10 0.12ohm decuple coil atomisers. 100% Organic Japanese cotton wicks for a purer taste. Kanthal Clapton coils. Ideally suits 130 to 190 watts (range is 50w to 300w). Patented design.

Due to the low resistance these SMOK V8-T10 Atomisers are only compatible with high-powered high-amp high-drain batteries, and you do need a powerful battery with these V8 atomisers - low wattage/ampage batteries are not powerful enough and would over-heat. DO NOT continue if your battery is getting too hot. Also, use zero or low nicotine e-liquids if you're into making vast amounts of vapour clouds. Medium or high nicotine liquids will burn harshly and not taste nice or may make you feel ill. For the biggest clouds you need a thicker e-liquid with a very high % of Vegetable Glycerine. Also start with the smallest airflow control hole and work up. Make sure the cotton wick is fully soaked before vaping.

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