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Flavour Force DIY e-liquidsFlavour Force DIY e-liquid supplies - mix your own e-liquids at a fraction of the price of branded e-liquids. Nicotine Shots and e-liquid flavour concentrates. Make your own e-liquids at an approx cost of £1.50 per 10ml, or even lower if you bulk buy. Get creative or research DIY e-liquid flavour blends online. Thousands of e-liquid flavour combinations for budding mixologists.

High-quality UK, EU and US produced, USP/EP pharmaceutical grade e-liquid mixing ingredients: e-liquid flavour concentrates (30ml and 1L bottles), VG/PG base dilutant (100ml and 1L bottles) and Nicotine Shots with 7.2% nicotine VG liquid (10ml, 30ml, 100ml and 1L bottles). Please research how to Mix Your Own E-liquids before buying and mixing. Use an e-liquid mix calculator such as this one HERE.