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Mod Batteries and Controllers

Vaping Mods/Battery Controllers and rechargeable batteries for Mods. Mod controllers comprise a battery chamber and PCB/microchip controller with variable voltage/wattage and sometimes an OLED display. Mods fit any tank of your choice and usually have the standard 510 thread. There are many designs, styles and sizes of Mods. Study vaping at great length on the internet before using advanced vaping devices, mod battery controllers and low resistance coils.

Mod battery controllers usually feature variable voltage (VV) and variable wattage (VW) controls so that you can adjust the power sent to the coil to either suit the coil's resistance or control the production of vapour. Some Mod batteries have Temperature Control Systems (TC) for greater efficiency, accuracy and stability.

CLOUD CHASING using low resistance coils (sub-ohm vaping) is for experienced vapers and is at your own risk. If you're new to sub-ohm vaping then you must study it on the internet and take advice first. For cloud chasing you need controllable high-drain high-wattage batteries and an RBA head (in which you can build your own coil), OR you could use tanks with sub-ohm atomisers (less than 1 ohm total), you also need high percentage VG e-liquids and low or zero nicotine levels. See the OHM'S LAW Calculator to work out the voltage and wattage you need for your specific coil's resistance (ohms).  TAKE GREAT CARE - using the wrong battery with a sub-ohm coil could cause the battery to over-heat or even explode.